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Premium Coffee from Burundi
This washing station was built in 2009 and started functioning in 2010. It hqs been participating in many different competitions. In 2011, it took the 4th position during Burundi Prestige Cup at the National level. In 2014, it took the 1st position during the Cup of Excellence with a Presidential Award with respectively a score of 90 per cent and the 3rd position with high score of 89.17 per cent. The best position was reached because the effort made at the washing station. Firstly, the floating system put into place in order selecting red and ripen cherries. Secondly, the pre- drying is done under the shade to protect the coffee in parchment from the sun lights. It makes pre- drying process go slowly the sun rays damage the coffee in parchment and causes and contributes to the poor quality. After the pre-drying under the shade, the coffee in parchment is dried on drying on beds. The coffee is dried in the vertical way. The vertical drying is useful
because it allows to eliminate the unwanted parchment such as yellow ones and strange elements. It also helps to safeguard the quality of the cup because the coffee in parchment is not broken or damaged by sunlights. The pre- weighing of humidity starts to avoid the overdrying of parchment. It begins from 18 per cent of humidity up to 11.5 per cent of humidity; when it is sunny and it can reach 11 per cent when it is cloudy. At this wet mill, more care is taken about the storage of coffee parchment in new bags and transport is also done in a clean container to avoid stinking odors. All those processes were controlled from our lots which won (lots 1 and 3). The policy at our wet is to get small quantity of coffee but of high quality. Our personnel continue to acquire much experience and coffee farmers are quite aware of the coffee of high quality. Beside this farmers will be given premiums from the sale of this and will be urged to buy sheeps in order to
get manure to increase productivity therefore get money for their livelihoods.

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