About us

Premium Coffee from Burundi

About us

As one of largest producer and exporter of coffee seeds in Burundi, SEGEC coffee has a proud
history of providing quality coffees to the local and international markets. Founded on the principles
of bringing fairness and transparency to the coffee value chain while satisfying customer demand,
SEGEC is also a company with heart and vision.

Our Mission

To produce many types of coffee and promoting coffee farming in Burundi while maintaining the highest standard of quality with an aim of marketing Burundian coffee.

Our Coffee source

SEGEC specializes in coffee sourced from Burundi, fine Arabica coffee. Since its inception 15 years
ago, SEGEC has established a track record of fair trading and excellent customer service,and now employs over -___ permanent staff and ____ seasonal staff. Directly and indirectly, it impacts the livelihoods of over 1 million coffee growers throughout Burundi.

Passion for fine coffee

The passion for fine coffee is coupled with consistent reinvestment not only in improved infrastructure, technology and processes, SEGEC also invests 10% of its annual profits into social responsibility programs such as building schools and providing clean water to the communities it serves.

Diversified types

The diversified types of Arabica cultivation in the country and its highly suitable environment with high altitudes, good rainfall, and rich volcanic soils yields to the uniquely Burundian flavours and aromas that are present in its elegant range of gourmet, specialty and organic coffee.

Our Vision

We intend to expand our capacity by building more washing stations and storage shades to meet demands which keep

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