Burundi Mpanga Washing Station – New RESERVE Coffee

Premium Coffee from Burundi

In 2008, Jean Clement Birabereye, took his 15 years experience and started SEGEC, which built and currently operates the Mpanga washing station in north Burundi. The station receives and processes coffee from over 300 farms in the surrounding area. We are pleased and excited to offer this lot which was washed using double fermentation, a method commonly used in the processing of coffee from Kenya. It is sun dried on raised beds. The cup exhibits layers of stone fruit, brown sugar and coriander seed.

This is the first coffee Victrola has directly purchased and imported. We strive for transparency in our coffee sourcing and have developed strong relationships with the importers, co-ops and farmers from whom we buy coffee. Even in our most direct relationships, we traditionally rely on another party to actually import the coffee. With this special lot, we bought the coffee directly from SEGEC and worked together to import the coffee to the US. We couldn’t be happier to offer this Reserve Coffee directly from Burundi to you for the first time!

Facts Region: Kayanza Washing Station: Mpanga Elevation: 6496 ft  Process: Washed Varietals: Bourbon Producer: SEGEC

Tasting Notes: Fragrance/Aroma: Date, Dried Cherry, Spice, Cocoa Flavor: Stone Fruit, Brown Sugar, Coriander Seed, Citrus Body: Meduim Finish: Clean Acidity: Bright and Balanced Image

Harvesting is a family affair



Sorting Coffee Cherries






Safely arrives in the Roastery

Source: VICTROLA COFFEE ROASTERS: https://www.victrolacoffee.com/blogs/victrola/38184836-burundi-mpanga-washing-station-new-reserve-coffee


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